20 Pretty Front Door Flower Pots for Unique Decorations

Pretty front door flower pots prove that containers can make decorative statements. Combining colorful flowers with unique pots or planters instantly draw the eyes. They also embellish even the simplest home exterior, adding a unique charm to your house.

Pretty front door flower pots don’t have to be expensive. Look at these inspirations to find the best models for your house.

1. Tall and Dark Flower Pots

Tall and Dark Flower Pots

Flower pots often have bright colors, but dark pots add drama in your exterior. Try planting short, colorful flowers with ornamental shrubs in this pot for great contrast.

2. Pretty Antique Chair for Pot Base

Have a vintage chair you no longer use? Turn it into a beautiful base for a pot or planter. You don’t need to repaint it to create flea market charm.

3. Metal Front Door Pots

Metal Front Door Pots

Install identical metal pots near your front door, complete with ferns or large leafy plants. These pretty front door flower pots will create an impressive entry and draw the eyes of every visitor.

4. Rusty Milk Can serve as a Pot

Rusty milk can is a unique option for a pot. Plant colorful flowers with long, flowy foliage or bushy shrub for a rustic look.

5. Layered Pot for Flower and Candle

Layered Pot for Flower and Candle

Arrange a large pot and a mini one to create a “tiered” planter (also serves as a candle holder). Plant mini flowers and shrubs on the large pot. Place a candle jar in the smaller one.

6. Decorative Black Bronze Pots

Bronze is one of the best materials for pretty front door flower pots. It has a classic charm that suits any exterior. Dark bronze is also dramatic, perfect for colorful flowers.

7. Colorful Pots with Monograms

Add personality in your pretty front door flower pots with monogram. Add the initial of your name with beautiful fonts. Use stencils to create neat patterns and monogram.

8. Large Fruit Baskets as Pots

Fruit baskets add rural charm in your exterior. You can plant large, dense, colorful flowers like mums, chrysanthemums, and pansies.

9. Colorful Tiered Pots

Create tiered planters by stacking pretty front door flower pots of different sizes. Plant mini herbs or blooms on the large pots, and larger flowers on the small, top pot.

10. Front Door Pot “Collection”

Front Door Pot “Collection”

Gather several pots with different designs to create an eclectic collection. Pick pots with different heights to create dimension. Combine tall plants with short but colorful flowers.

11. Wood and Metal Pots

Pair two different materials for pretty front door flower pots. Metal and wood create a beautiful contrast to decorate your terrace. Metal basket and wooden planter, for example, are great to create farmhouse-style pots.

12. Vertical Garden with Clay Pots

Make your clay pots more unique with the vertical garden arrangement. Attach several pots on a vertical wooden board with metal rings. They are perfect for decorating a small space.

13. Metal Pots for Herb Garden

Metal containers, like the ones for milk and coffee, are ideal for creating farmhouse garden. You can plant herbs instead of flowers for practical decorations.

14. Pretty Minion Pots

Pretty front door flower pots are perfect for making Minions. Two large pots serve as the head and body. Smaller pots serve as their arms and legs. Paint them with yellow and blue colors. Make “sitting” Minion pose to make the arrangement easier.

15. Tiered Pots with Beautiful Phrase

Tiered Pots with Beautiful Phrase

If the DIY tiered planter is too common, add beautiful colors and sweet phrases. Paint the pretty front door flower pots with bright colors and white dot patterns. Add “Home Sweet Home” or another homey phrase on the pots.

16. Pretty Copper Pots for Front Door

Copper is another metal suitable for pretty front door flower pots. Copper adds a vintage element to a modern house. Colorful arrangement “softens” the harsh, vintage look.

17. Tall Clay Flower Pots

Clay makes pretty front door flower pots. Clay pots have an earthy look, ideal when paired with colorful flowers.

18. Pretty Metal Tub with Windowpane

Rusty metal tub serves as a rustic planter. You can add a windowpane for a decoration. It creates a good background for colorful flowers.

19. Wicker Baskets as Pots

Wicker baskets are suitable as pretty front door flower pots. Choose several baskets with different sizes, and plant tall, bright flowers.

20. Pretty Fairy Garden Pots

Turn your pretty front door flower pots into a tiered fairy garden. Stack three different-sized pots and add miniature stairs, house, and furniture among the flowers.

Pots and planters add decorative elements in your house. Get creative with your options to create pretty front door flower pots.

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