Gorgeous Home Bohemian Home Décor for Every Single Room

Bohemian style is a decorating style belongs to homeowners who want to make their house full of culture, life, and attractive items. Bohemian decorating style is identical with combinations of patterns, colors, and objects. About the colors to decorate a house with bohemian style, homeowners are free to choose ones.

We are free to apply bohemian decorating style to any room in our house. But if you want to make all rooms in the house are connected, consider applying home bohemian home décor to the entire rooms, but don’t use two things that look completely alike. Check out ideas below for beautiful bohemian house.

1. Extraordinary Sitting Room with Earthy Bohemian Colors

Even though homeowners are free to pick any color for their bohemian décor, most common colors used to create a bohemian house are warm and earthy colors. Jewel tones and metallic tones are also nice options for bohemian house. In this room, red and green are dominate colors.

Greens like in the pic above and some other colors like grays and deep browns are excellent to be base colors. Then complement any base color you pick with accent colors like electric blue, fiery orange, and saturated purple for the accessories. Those colors make the room looks unique.

Make the room feels more exotic by mixing different textures and patterns that may not go together. The room above uses stripes, polka dots, and two other patterns. If you want more cultures in the room, mix some patterns and dyed textiles that come from different countries.

2. Bohemian Bathroom with Natural Styled Decorative Materials

Materials with sleek, modern, and minimal design are the worst option for bohemian decorating style. Even when you’re creating a bohemian bathroom, keep in mind that you need to mix and match the decorative materials. Use natural and basic materials with worn look but not damaged.

Some materials like sisal and burlap that are combined with chenille and silk will be cool, apply those materials to your bathroom window like the pic here did. Avoid new and shiny materials that don’t represent bohemian style at all. This pic’s wooden floor balances the antique bathtub.

Instead of using minimalist wooden cabinets with clean lines, consider using old-school wooden drawers with high legs and worn look that blend with the wooden floor flawlessly. Avoid installing recessed lights or contemporary styled pendant lamp, but elegant chandelier right over the tub.

3. Chic and Cute Bohemian Furniture for Girl’s Bedroom

There is no way to find home bohemian home décor in common furniture stores. When it is time to fill your kids’ bedroom using bohemian furniture, try to find furniture that’s collected over time like vintage items and second-hand furnishings. Every piece must have its own story that makes it special.

Explore all local shops offering vintage items then choose every furnishing piece individually. Bedroom furniture and accessories with saturated colors, overstuffed pillows, and throw rugs bring a cozy feel to the bedroom. All furniture in the room must make the kids want to stay longer.

You will not fill kids’ bedroom with streamlined furniture that has straight-back since it will not invite your kids to stay. If your kids will study in their bedroom, provide a spot and complement it with comfortable and relaxed piece such as butterfly chair or wicker chair that’s more bohemian.

4. Dining Space with Bohemian Interior and Gipsy Styled Lighting Idea

Dining room is an extra special room for me, since it is where family gathers and spends their quality time after a busy day. So a special lighting is necessary and for bohemian dining room, understated ambient lighting is excellent to complement welcoming and calm feel of the room.

You may want to imitate the idea above by using gipsy styled overhead fixtures to decorate your bohemian dining room. But feel free to decorate your bohemian dining room with multiple candles, lanterns, or table and floor lamps. Mix and match two or more lightings in dining room.

Antique candle holder in the middle of dining table will be a brilliant and romantic lighting idea for bohemian dining room. If your chandelier doesn’t have gipsy look, add colorful details around the frame and let the lamp spreads colorful lights to the entire space of your bohemian dining room.

5. Accessorizing Bohemian House’s inside and outside

Center of home bohemian home décor is to embrace natural worlds, that’s why hanging plants and ferns must be added to any room of bohemian house and to beautify the outside of bohemian house. Plants inside bohemian house will bring in vibrancy while improving the air quality that’s good for family.

Perfect your bohemian interior and exterior with peace lilies and philodendron that withstands temperature and light in various levels. There are also succulents that come in assorted textures and colors which are excellent choices for those who don’t really know how to grow plants.

Succulents are not only eye catching but they are easy to grow since they need occasional watering and don’t really need sunny spot. Succulents can be beautiful centerpiece for your outdoor sitting area and lovely ornaments that are able to embellish all bohemian rooms inside.

That makes your bohemian house special and different from another bohemian house is handmade items, objects you gather while you travels, and your family heirlooms. All accessories inside and outside your bohemian house must show the story of you and your family, so pick things you love the most.

Someone may love vintage bottles while the others showing their beloved maps or tapestries. Whatever you love the most in the world and whatever collection you have, they’re your story, so display them in your bohemian house, in living room and the other rooms inside where your guests can see them clearly.

Don’t forget that home bohemian home décor must be eclectic yet glamorous and chic. Be brave in trying chunky mirror with gold frame or ornate chandelier or the other ornaments that look so eye catching. There’s only one rule in applying bohemian decorating style: everything in each room must tell your story

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